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Progressive companies are investing in the mental health of their workforce. Your company wealth is a direct reflection of the mental health of the organisation.

The Keys to Me specialises in corporate mental wellness with tailor-made programs to suit your workplace.

Unlock your inner wellbeing 

Happiness in the workplace is great for business

Reducing stress in the workplace is good for your bottom line, saves you $$$, and makes for a happier environment. Every single person in your company needs to feel valued and appreciated because in one way or another, each one affects your customer’s experience directly or indirectly.

Statistics tell the real story


of Australian workers are stressed about work


of businesses say that absenteesim relates to stress, anxiety and depression

4.9 million

Australians report being stressed

1 in 4 people

Experience anxiety at some point in their lives

Absenteeism in the workplace

Dundon estimated absenteeism was costing Australian business up to $30 billion per year, or $385 per day per employee. An acceptable level of absenteeism is an average 6.5 days of sick leave per year, he says. The Australian average is 9.4 days a year (five days for corporate staff), compared with seven days in the UK. Ref Australian Financial Review

Do you have an effective program for managing mental wellness for your workforce?

Decrease Absenteeism by 25%

Corporate wellness programs are proven to reduce the sick leave for employees. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.

Don't trade effectiveness for profits

The average person only spends 30% of their time being truly effective due to distraction and lack of focus.

Save $$$

You can decrease workers compensation costs by 41% with a corporate mental wellbeing program. That represents $5.81 for every $1 invested. (Comcare 2012)

Be happy all the time

We spend up to 75,000 hours at work in our lifetime. When we are happy at work we get spill over benefits to our private life.

Teaching the skills your team needs to thrive

Group training or executive coaching

Whether you need a one-off group session or a series of workshops to grow your teams’ capability we can meet all your needs for a strong and healthy workplace.

We teach your employees all the skills they need to manage stress, so they can thrive.

Managing Stress

Stress is a silent killer. It is the number one culprit leading to problems concentrating, focusing, missing deadlines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, lowered immunity and many other health concerns. Having effective strategies to manage stress successfully has a domino effect.

Workplace mindfulness

Start the journey of quietening your mind, turning down the monkey chatter. Focussing on the present moment nonjudgmentally, ultimately improves concentration and focus whilst at the same time lowers stress and anxiety.  Teaching the invaluable skill of mindful meditation as well as other useful mindful strategies, enables employees to reap the rewards of lowered stress levels and improved wellbeing.

Sleep improvement

Poor sleep and sleeping habits take their toll on employees.  Lack of sleep contributes to increased cortisol levels and ultimately stress levels.  This hijacks the frontal lobe of the brain. That part of the brain needed for higher order executive functioning at work.  Better sleep hygiene correlates with improved productivity.

Anxiety management

When anxiety at work is debilitating for your employees and prevents them from working effectively, simple effective ways of learning to manage the anxiety has enormous benefit.  Knowing how to use low levels of anxiety as an impetus and motivator to work or focus is essential.  Regulating and learning to self regulate our anxiety effectively are key factors in mental health and wellness.

Building resilience

Equipping your employees with life-enhancing skills will boost their mental health, grow their resiliency and strengthen mental health. Using the latest neuroscience research to back our teachings we will give your employees fresh insights on how to build resilience both in the workplace and outside of the workplace.


Maximising motivation

It’s not only about money, but rather looking at the wholistic approach to motivating employees to work effectively and feel appreciated and valued.  From intrinsic to extrinsic factors different ways of refreshing and recalibrating employees will be addressed.

Improving mood

Everyone needs a pick me up at various times in their life, and there are numerous healthy things that can be done to uplift yourself.  The simplest and most effective strategies are those that don’t require pills, potions, elixirs or even $$$$.  Considering that most of us spend at least a third of our time at work, it makes good sense to enjoy our time more at the office.

Manage depression

Understanding the cycle of our emotions, and that there are some days where our mood is better than others is key to effective functioning.  However, noticing when someone is particularly quiet, withdrawn or behaving differently at work, is a red flag.  Giving employees the skill and confidence to ask the important question “Are you ok?”, can be life changing and life saving.  This is about helping ourself and those around us.

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