About Us

Workplace Counsellors Building Stronger, Healthier Teams in Sydney

Our counselling & psychotherapy practice has seen us work in some very challenging roles.

Janine has used her skills as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist in workplaces as diverse as private practice, hospitals and Probation and Parole.

Pauline has also worked as a counsellor at Probation and Parole and as a volunteer phone counsellor for the Homicide Victims Support line. She has worked in hospital emergency settings and in support of children who have experienced sexual abuse.

Good Health is Good Business

Our workplace counselling team noticed a substantial increase in the mental ill-health of people who are increasingly floundering in ordinary businesses that don’t offer help for dealing with stress. The sinister creep of a chronic mental health crisis now costs Australian businesses billions, annually.

We weren’t just seeing a handful of people who were struggling with corporate stress management. We were seeing whole organizations weighed down by widespread mental ill-health. We saw people ploughing through each week with a sense of quiet desperation. People who believed their stress was literally ‘killing them’.

We know employers in Sydney and throughout Australia were struggling for solutions that would be more practical and effective than the annual OH&S stress management seminar. For those employers who really want to see their team-members flourish, consider how our workplace mindfulness workshops or short courses could help them live free of stress.


Together we are “The Keys to Me” our mission is to empower employers and employees to unlock their inner wellbeing with
easy to learn strategies.



Janine established the Bondi Psychotherapy Centre where she works as a psychologist and hypnotherapist. Her clinical experience includes working in Paediatric Clinical Hypnosis with Dr A. Teng (Specialist Paediatrician and Head of Department of Sleep Medicine at the Sydney Children’s Hospital) and working as a drug and alcohol counsellor at the Windsor Prison and Parole Board. She also worked as a psychologist for Parkinsons NSW providing counselling and support for both people diagnosed for Parkinson disease as well as for their carers and all their families.

Janine’s formal qualifications include a Masters of Health Science (Behavioural Science), Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education, Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certificates in Hypnosis and Pediatric Hypnosis and many others.

For many years, Janine has researched and practiced strategies to help clients manage anxiety, depression, stress and other mental-health complaints. Together with Pauline, she is working to improve mental health as a passionate workplace psychologist in Sydney by integrating healthy practices where the pressure is occurring, in preference to treating the symptoms of stress afterwards. This kind of workplace counselling has led Janine down the path toward establishing the Keys to Me.



After many years in the fast paced world of wholesale fashion Pauline returned to her real area of passion Psychotherapy and built her private practice.Pauline established the Bondi Hypnotherapy Centre in 2004, she has used her counselling skills in places as diverse as Probation and Parole NSW and the Homicide Victim Support Line.Living in the USA between 2009 and 2013 allowed for further training and also volunteer positions in both The Emergency Department of Cadars Sinai Hospital and Stuart House, a facility that supports children and families of sexual assault.

Pauline holds a BA of Counselling and Human Change, Certificates in Sand Play Therapy, Weight Loss and Paediatric Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Like Janine, Pauline is passionate about equipping workers with “at the desk” easily learned, effective stress management techniques.


If you want to promote positive mental health in your workplace it’s important that you take a proactive approach. Contact us today to find out more about our range of workshops and courses and discover how your employees can better their lives and their work simultaneously.

“Your clients do not come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”