Sydney Workplace Stress Management Training

Are your employees just scraping through?


Early signs of burnout aren’t always visible to the naked eye. Even employees who dazzle by day sometimes crumble at night. Secretly.

Tension erupts at home. Perhaps they’re unwinding with food or alcohol—numbing the day’s pressure before another fitful sleep.

And then it’s game-face on for another impressive round of “I don’t know how you do it” juggling. Another round of pretending they’re coping well and managing stress at work. Drawbridge up. Defences ready. Hoping nobody sees through it…

Others don’t hide their stress so well. They under-perform. They’re ‘present’ but not effective. Exhausted and overwhelmed, they procrastinate and fall behind because they’re so depleted of energy. So at risk of messing up or giving up. Costing themselves, their teams and your business dearly…


Workplace well being is vital in any industry

A growing sense of urgency is wearing organisations down.


It’s chipping away at everyone from the intern to the star performer. High expectations. Unproductive multi-tasking. Relentless connection. A constant state of readiness to jump at the next deadline. Fear of taking leave. Working while they’re sick…

Unhealthy workplaces cost billions of dollars annually in Sydney and throughout Australia through absenteeism, presenteeism, stress-related claims and illness. Mental health in the workforce is a major problem, and it’s important that you address it.

Progressive companies embrace in-house workplace stress management and wellbeing workshops initiatives because they’ve seen the impact on health and morale. Premium, talented workers are more inclined to stay. Customer service improves, and with it your bottom line.


How You Can Benefit from workplace wellness programs

Strong workplaces embed mental health into the daily routine.

It’s not enough to offer band-aid solutions in a too-little-too-late flourish after the toll as already been paid. This is about intervening right where the stress is happening—at the desk, while the pressure unfolds. Employees build their capacity to thrive in real time, while the show goes on.

  1. To develop stress management in the workplace,our training focusis centred on helping organisations create psychologically-healthy workforces through a suite of tailored psychological techniques designed to increase mindfulness and personal resilience.
  2. From managing stress at work training toshort coursesand mindfulness workshops, we help both employers and employees recognise the importance of mental health and learn how to cope.

Give your staff the keys to a safer, more productive working day through our workplace wellbeing programs in Sydney, and they’ll change the culture for you, from within.

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“Your clients do not come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Richard Branson